Dyspraxic tutors and Dyspraxic students strenghts and weakness

Dyspraxic tutors and Dyspraxic students strenghts and weakness

Dyspraxic tutors and Dyspraxic students strenghts and weakness

Tutor Blog Dyspraxia The Blessing The Curse:

I do not deny I am a dyspraxic in many ways it can be an asset. You see dyspraxia while it defines a set of weaknesses (fine motor skills, emotionalism, organization) it also defines a set of strengths. Those strengths first must be addressed. If you understand the strengths as an employer and as a parent of a special needs child you can understand how I as the tutor will work.

If you hire me as a tutor you will see an ability to try different approaches if one is not showing progress. We are talking a fighter pilot’s approach to rapidly evolving tactical situation, versus the 8th Air Force dogged persistence to rigid plans. Dyspraxics are intuitive global learners. They see often relationships between seemingly unrelated quirks or unrelated things that are related. The skillful dyspraxic can put themselves within the mind of a student seeing the problem’s from the student’s point of view and then engineer a solution. There are many teaching methods the only one that matters is the one that reaches the given student in question.

Furthermore, dyspraxia allows dull material to be made real by relating it to real life. The words pro-active, reactive (can be boring) lets take these into the work world of a teenager…a proactive manager at Sea World will look at weather conditions forecasted park attendance along with past experience and develop a plan to deal with it all anticipating trouble and stress searching for weak points ahead of time engaging a plan to deal with those weak points before the event plays out. A reactive manager would wait for the situation to go down hill before addressing the situation. In elementary school this means linking science, social studies, math, reading to things more relevant to the student’s world. Once this link is made a passion for the subject will be birthed which will aid in making each tutoring session effective.

The emotionalism can be directed to positive ends. I have written an odd character a dyspraxic sports hero in the novel 250 pages worth various aspects of the high school life are highlighted. The emotionalism makes Ace triumphant in the novel. His emotion drove his intellect and his dedication. In the novel for dyspraxic parents there is an example of how a high school life can be made worth while.

Now let’s address issues of dyspraxia head on and counters to them. While on one level emotions can be dulled with….the emotions must be directed to positive ends and not so much broken but channeled to positive ends where appropriateness is clearly defined. The danger zones ultimately a dyspraxic must identify and avoid. I have likened the dyspraxic emotions to that like a Mig 25 which had a speed pilots were told to avoid lest they airplane be trapped with runaway engines.

Motor skills handwriting the most noteworthy requires multiple approaches. First most obvious, type as much as possible. Once typing is mastered the speed of idea transfer on a computer keyboard is much closer to idea flow then handwriting.

Yet as Doctor Strauss pointed out, handwriting or any is still a skill required. Doctor Strauss is responsible for the foundation of the success later seen. So how do you improve writing skills? Writing skills (I need to do this my self) is random practice repeated short cycles of practice where the stress level comes to near peak stress performance curve or peak maybe a little beyond then after a short period other tasks are worked on. Then later in session it is addressed. Per motor learning theory the best feedback in a session is positive specific followed by negative specific where specific issues of the handwriting are mentioned. In terms of track form is addressed the same way. Even in sports photography(done with dyspraxic hands) now with digital in vogue the same concepts apply. A weak point is addressed spent some time recovery for a given period then we deal with the weak point again.

Also with motor skills each practice session must be debriefed what went right what went wrong lessons learned for lessons to be applied next time. The goal is for a progressive improvement to the maximum performance.

Finally we get to complicated issues of organizational skills for a dyspraxic. What I will not do as a result of personal experience is not to impose a heavy top down solution. There are some common threads of organizational systems each has a trigger for a specific action. The same time of the day or the same event must bring up a single action. One of the greatest advances in organizational skills Northwest Airlines flight #255 and Delta flight 1141 created a flurry of checklist research. The result is today standardized checklists shorter effective. So there are some foundations we can start the system on. The details a dyspraxic student no matter how young must own. We had a classic incident with fatal consequences of forgetting. Organizational skills are a weak point of dyspraxics. The triggers of forgetting homework, losing a jacket, etc etc are remarkably similar. What happened from tragedy produces lessons and concrete to use in the life of a dyspraxic or any other student suffering with organizational skill difficulty. A dyspraxic message board on face book highlights the need to do tasks involving items lost consistently time after time after time after time.

Furthermore messiness approach makes a difference. Visible anger at a mess or a struggle dealing with it is a sure fire way to turn off a dyspraxic. The overall strategy for a dyspraxic most is positive setting goals celebration achieving goal. A dyspraxic in terror of is the future adult slob. There also must be a stable den….living space undisturbed consistent. Personal warmth must be a part all organizational skills routines. The creation of early memories when struggling with organizational skills of hostility or terror is counter productive.

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